Why Tellus College is the right partner for you?

25th October 2019

Why Tellus College is the right partner for you?

We do not count our business partners, the total is not important, but the longevity, variety and continuing search for excellence is. What really matters is that they are all number one for us here at Tellus College. Each participant is worthy of the life-changing opportunity that their project is written for; we are uniquely placed to prepare and deliver for the needs of our partners.

Mobility projects do not happen overnight, these decisions and plans can take years to formulate. The time spent putting these programs together means the delivery has to be transformational, in what is an ever-changing European landscape.

We are experts in our field

Our product design, implementation and delivery are built upon our previous successes. Compliance is the cornerstone of our success; we know how to build projects from a simple idea or need, and create an accredited program that gives recognized awards and career credits. Our courses are robust and continue to meet the Erasmus+ KA1, ECVET, PON. Alternanza Scuola Lavoro and VET accreditation criteria.

Our portfolio of products has continued to evolve over the years, along with the needs of our partners.

We speak your language

Our project coordinators are international and provide us with relevant, up to date and in-depth local knowledge and expertise that facilitates your success, and leads to satisfy detailed, regional demands. By operating in 4 countries, we can create an environment that offers expert training in all areas and support throughout the project cycle.

Tellus College has developed these programs that can satisfy a wide range of requirements.


Our programme of work based learning provides work placements within a wide range of reputable, local businesses.
This is not just work experience but a real life experience that enables students to improve their communication abilities and develop practical skills that will prepare them for the professional challenges ahead. At Tellus we are proud to be creating such life changing programmes.

Sectors include: Business and Administration; Car Mechanics; Hospitality and Catering; Retail and Trade; Social Care and many more!

Find out more about the program requirements and locations at: https://telluscollege.com/vocational-training-work-experience/


Tellus College understands that not all sectors can provide relevant work experience for young students. This could be for many reasons such as technical skills, health and safety, or the sectors are highly specialised.

Our technical based learning programme is the ultimate hands-on experience for those looking to consolidate their vocational skills before entering work.

We can provide flexible training programmes tailored to meet the needs of the participants in state-of-the-art training facilities, with specialist trainers and dedicated training coordinators.

Courses include: Car Mechanics, Carpentry, Construction, Electricity, Engineering, Hairdressing and Beauty, IT (Web Design, Graphic Design, Networking, Telecommunications IT), Painting and Decorating, Plumbing and Sports Training.

Find out more about the program requirements and locations at: https://telluscollege.com/vocational-training-work-experience/


Our project-based learning programme is the ideal environment for those looking to practise their vocational skills before entering work.

Students work in small groups on real life projects set by local partner organisations. Students receive coaching, mentoring and training from experienced facilitators to achieve the goals required to fulfil the project brief. Projects culminate in final group presentations. The presentation demonstrates the success of meeting the key objectives and highlight key learning outcomes. Real practical industry skills will be utilised and core soft skills such as team working, communication, planning and continuous personal development will be enhanced.

The programme has clear relevance to the professional workplace with core subjects and additional optional subject areas that can be selected depending on the ability of students and course duration. This is all supported by qualified industry experts to assist student learning in specific vocational sectors.

Areas include: Management and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Business Administration, Economics, Logistics, Leisure and Tourism, Event Management, Marketing, Pharmacology and many more.

Find out more about the program requirements and locations at: https://telluscollege.com/vocational-training-work-experience/

As experts in our field, recognition is of course very well received and means a lot to us. We are extremely proud for being annually shortlisted for the ST Star Award Best Work-Experience Provider and for winning the Award in 2012, 2015, especially since we are voted for by our global partners. This goes hand in hand with our student feedback which showed that 99% of our students were happy with their course and would recommend Tellus to their friends.

Our mission is to provide life-changing opportunities through education and experience.

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