What can you expect if you come to study at Meridian?

11th June 2019

With so many language schools to choose from, we know it can be a real challenge to find the right one for you. There are sure to be so many questions racing through your mind! Will there be people like me? Can I really improve my level? Will I be comfortable? The list is endless and we know that. At Meridian, we specialise in you. Since 1979, we have been welcoming people from across the world, each with their own questions and objectives and each with their own reasons for starting this journey. The thought process and decision making can take a long time, can’t it? You need to know that you will be given the care and personal attention you need. A guarantee that your time in the UK can be a life-changing opportunity for you; whether you come and see us every year, or if this could even be your only trip to Europe.

As a high-achieving, award-winning school for adults, we recognise you as an individual. Our classes have a maximum of 8 students, meaning your learning and needs do not get lost amongst others. You are part of a team in the class, each helping to develop the other, but it is important not to lose your individuality along the way. We know, that with us at Meridian, you will be welcomed, respected and handed with the opportunity for growth that is unrivalled. With fewer students in a class, the focus is different, the ethos changes and communication and development become the pointer for success.

We offer a communicative approach to our language teaching. We want you to grow in confidence as your language improves and be ready to contribute, even making some mistakes along the way; this is all part of the process! In a school where everyone is looking for the same environment, somewhere chosen with consideration, providing challenges and opportunity, we know the Meridian experience will be a positive one. A time in your career to look back on fondly, with an understanding that it encouraged a belief in yourself you did not know you had.

Life at Meridian is a truly British experience, hand in hand with peers from all continents. Located in two famous, historic, coastal port cities, the contrast between old and new could not be more apparent. The history is there to be explored; museums, monuments and tales of the past. Alongside, you will experience the local culture and life of a working British city. Both Portsmouth and Plymouth have well-respected Universities at their core and a young population to match.

We pride ourselves on our ability to combine a quality education in a safe environment enabling our students to have fun, meet new people and make lots of new friends. Hopefully, this answers some of those questions and removes any lingering doubts you may have. You can always speak to us if you need any help.

We look forward to meeting you soon. You will certainly be very welcome!

If you have any more questions please do click here to get in contact with us.